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Express internet: right here, right now

Looking for reliable and fast Internet access? DataYard has what you need with Express, our family of Internet connectivity services. The Express family is comprised of a set of scalable access products using standardized Ethernet technology, and delivered over several physical connection types.

Using an approach unique to DataYard, we take multiple circuits – a mix of DSL, T-1, and SHDSL (Symmetric High-speed Digital Subscriber Line) – and bond them together for a fatter download and upload pipe. At the same time, you get redundancy for your office connectivity. If one link happens to become compromised, your Internet business continues uninterrupted through the other links.

Our Express family of services is fully-managed and Cisco-powered with 24x7 monitoring and maintenance. And no need to wait for a month or more to get your service set up: contact DataYard today, and your Internet access could be up and running in about two weeks.

Ethernet Express
1 or more ADSL circuit(s).
Asymmetric; half-duplex; fault-tolerant.
5 megabits/sec (mbps) increments up to 25 mbps download.
Ethernet Express Plus
1 or more ADSL circuit(s) combined with T-1 circuit.
Asymmetric; full-duplex; fault-tolerant.
5 megabits/sec (mbps) increments up to 25 mbps download; 1.5 mbps to 6 mbps upload.
Ethernet Express Metro
2 or more SHDSL circuits.
Symmetric; full-duplex; fault-tolerant.
5 megabits/sec (mbps) increments up to 50x50 mbps.
Primary or secondary connection option for some customers.
Good option where wired connectivity is not available.
5x2 megabits/sec (mbps) or 10x3 mbps.
Regional Ethernet
Fiber-based service. Full-duplex.
Highest download/upload speeds possible—up to 1 gigabits/sec.